10 Portable Applications of Interest

Applications are portable applications that can run directly from a USB drive (flash disk), so that this type of application is quite interesting because we can take and run it on any computer without having to install. 

Below some applications portable enough interesting: 

1. Mozilla Firefox 
Firefox browser is one of the best advantage with a fast, stable, and equipped with a variety of additional features through add ons.

2. TrayURL 
TrayURL program is a bookmark manager to store a variety of your favorite sites addresses. 

3. GIMP 
GIMP is a graphics processing program such as Photoshop. 

4. ClamWin 
ClamWin is a free antivirus software. 

5. Notepad + + 
Notepad + + is a software text editor with a variety of interesting features. 

6. OpenOffice 
OpenOffice is a free text processing software with features that are not much different with MS Office. 

7. Gaim 
Gaim is a program that "combine" the various instant messenger like Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, and others. 

8. 7zip 
7zip is a program for mengompres files (like WinZip), support a variety of file types such as 7z, ZIP, gzip, BZIP2, TAR, rar, and so forth. 

9. Filezilla 
Filezila is a FTP program to upload and download. 

10. Irfanview 
Irfanview is a program to display various types of image.