Install Windows using USB

Which should be prepared:

1. A computer equipped with an optical drive (CD or DVD) and USB ports that can work well.
2. A USB flash disk with a 1 or 2 GB.
3. Windows XP installation CD.
4. Application of the module installation (USB_PREP8 and PEtoUSB) that can be downloaded free of charge via the link
5. Do'a and courage!

Preparation steps:

1. Plug USB flash disk to a USB port. Remember, remember the position of its drive. Is F:, G:, H:, and so forth.

2. When you are in the normal (desktop), insert the Windows XP installation CD to the optical drive. If the computer running the installation process automatically, cancel it and close all applications being run.

3. Download and extract the application that the author provided. Suggestions author, extract all contents to a folder, such as C: USB.

4. Next, open the folder where you unpack the installation of the application module, this time we take the example C: USB.

5. Run the file called "usb_prep8.bat" then the screen will appear Command Prompt window contains various commands. If you have any posts appear "Press any key to continue, press any key to confirm.

6. In the display window will appear asking you PEtoUSB format USB flash disk you. No need to change any settings, right click Start to begin formatting. Answer the confirmation according to your needs.

7. If you are finished, close the window PEtoUSB (do not close the Command Prompt window that opens before you when usb_prep8.bat run), then the screen will show the options from 0 to 5.

8. Use option 1 to select the installation source files will be copied to flash disk. Here, specify the drive where you save the installation of Windows XP. Select the optical drive only where there is already a CD in Windows XP, or select a folder of your choice if you have copied the Windows XP installation files to a specific folder.

9. Select option 3 to determine where your light flash disk. If your flash disk in the drive F:, then type F and press ENTER. If the drive G: then type G and press ENTER, so further apply to the other drive.

10. Then select option 4 to start the process of installing the module will be copied to flash disk automatically. Answer any confirmation that appears with the Y or YES or OK, or other form of approval.

Done! Now flash disk is ready to use for the installation of Windows XP! Please make the settings on your BIOS subnotebook, and select the Removeable Disk (or any other name) as the first run when booting.