AMD launching Opteron 6 core at Istanbul

AMD has been demonstrating the new Opteron processor core 6 which is given the code name "Istanbul" is more sophisticated than Shanghai, which only has 6 core processor. 

This processor built with 45nm technology with 6MB L3 cache for maincobard Socket-F so that the owner of F-socket system can uprade easily. 

AMD plan to release processors this year in the second half of 2009 but this may be because early AMD is demonstrating Istanbul AMD at this time. 

For comparison of performance HyperTransport 3, the system of Shanghai with 16 core (4 processors) on the throughput range of 25,000 mb / sec While 24 core (4 processors) Istanbul able to produce 42,000 mb / sec so that it can be almost 2-fold with the addition of only 50% core . 

This can be achieved from the new feature called the probe filtering by AMD or snoop filtering function to reduce the traffic on the link HyperTransport socket to socket dengna save all of the index and cache coherency synchronization request to prevent that is not necessary. Opteron at this time using a probe-based protocol to send a broadcast request to all the probe socket. 

AMD at this time plan launched several series of variants, including versions of Instanbul-based low power and high performance HE SE.