Changing Your MAC Address With K-MAC

K-MAC is an application to change the MAC address for your Windows. K-MAC, including the application free, you can use and distribute freely without changing the form of binary information and copyright.
Example the use of this K-MAC, for example:
On the day you buy a new laptop, then you want to try hotspots in shopping malls that provide hotspots. In shopping malls are fast accidental access, akan pemakaiannya but only 2 hours only. So in conditions such as this is the ability of K-MAC is required, shortly before reaching the time 2 hours, rubahlah address MAC Address on your laptop with the K-MAC. Login again and then you are on the Hotspot. Well now you will be detected as a new user in the hotspot is. Repeat the same steps if it is almost 2 hours.
Please note that, in some of the same device with the same MAC address on the network, the network can cause problems.