Relion Adrena 3G


Relion Adrena 3G can be "hit" on the beginning of the netbook concept. Netbook for this device known as a simple machine, so that even made limited amenities. However, this netbook different. In addition to the standard comes with a complete notebook (card reader, WLAN, LAN, USB port, Bluetooth and facilities), netbook is equipped with a DVD Writer. Adrena even equipped with a built in 3G/HSDPA modem and fingerprint scanner, two completeness classified "wah", even to the size of any notebook. 
Another thing is that the capacity Baterenya reach 4800 mAh, compared with the majority of the netbook is just another 2200-2400 mAh. This makes power tahannya achieve 3.5 hours to play HD movies. 
The existence of a DVD-RW unfortunately eat a large enough place. As a consequence, Adrena 3G must forfeit the amount of its USB port to only two (not three as port netbook in general). In addition, the vibration device optis also feel quite so reduce the use of comfort in the long term. Therefore, the existence of the DVD Writer is indeed more appropriate for a course, for example membackup data or install new applications. 
With all the amenities, Relion Adrena 3G can be a pioneer netbook notebook also. Completeness of ditawarkannya will be very useful for mobile workers who deal with a lot of backup data and Internet connection, and concerned with data security. Unfortunately, the completeness of all this must be paid with the price that is quite expensive, which is about U.S. $ 750, so not much different from the price in the mainstream notebook market.

Testing results Relion Adrena 3G :


Encoding Video

57 menit 43 detik

Encoding Audio

14 menit 17 detik

Cinebench R10


3DMark 2006


Daya tahan baterei

Memutar HD Video

3 jam 26 menit

Battery Eater 05

3 jam 17 menit


Spesifikasi Relion Adrena 3G-RL373


Intel Atom N270

(1,6GHz, 512KB cache, FSB 533MHz)


DDR2-677 MHz 1GB


Intel Mobile 945GME

Kartu grafis

Intel GMA 950 (onboard)

Kartu suara

IDT 92HD71B7


IDE 120GB, 5400rpm

Optical drive

DVD Writer


LAN, Wi-Fi b/g, Modem dial-up, card reader (SD, SDHC, MMC), 3 USB, Webcam 1,3 megapixel


Wide LCD 10,2", 1024x600 pixel, backlight

Sistem Operasi

Windows XP Home Edition


4800 mAh


26,5x20x2,9-3,4 cm


 1,34 kg


1 tahun

Situs Web

Harga kisaran*

US$ 750