Tiket watch MU

Tiket MU

price Manchester United tiket for the match against India starting from Rp100.000 Selection to most expensive Rp3, 5 million.
most inexpensive tickets will be sold at Rp100.000 for Category III, printed as many as 31,000 pieces. 

Meanwhile, for Category II, 14,000 pieces will be sold with the price Rp250.000. For Category I, the number of tickets printed 20,500 sheets, Rp400.000 per ticket sold. 

For a more expensive, there are three of tickets: VIP East Rp1 million (3,000 sheets), VIP West Rp1, 5 million (3,800 sheets), and last VVIP Rp3, 5 million (500 sheets).