Optimize Old PC

Do not Dispose of your old PC, maybe with a little improvement here and there so long but good PC that can still follow the development of the computer although it is limited. Which clearly does not require a large cost such as buying a new computer, especially for the poor

The steps as follows:

Add Memory or RAM: the addition of memory / RAM is the most practical and inexpensive to improve the speed of a computer. But if the note is trying to install additional RAM, make sure the RAM is installed has the same clock speed in order to work optimally.

Change Hard disk: replace the old hard disk with a larger capacity and higher speeds. hard disk speed is 5400 rpm, 7200 rpm etc..

Trim cable: the cable will freshen the air circulation is good and the avoidance of overheating.

Place additional Card: add USB and Firewire card to transfer data. Ethernet to connect to the network.

Painted casing and peripherals: casing that may have been rusty in their own cat or cat with Pilox other so that the view is better and different and is seen more delicious. Can be also added DVDRW for burning CD / DVD

Use Linux / Windows: if Linux does not need a resource to be operational, while the windows should be adjusted with the computer hardware. Windows ME is selected because it recognizes the flash is no need to install the driver or XP SP1.