SDHC Video Kingston 8GB

To support the use of digital gadgets such as PDA phone, minicam, or camcorder that is now exacerbated mushroom, Kingston SDHC Games released a series devoted to the recording film berdefinisi high (high-definition/HD movie) in a long time. Model SDHC Games have several options this store capacity: 4GB (60 mins), 8GB (120 min), and 16GB (240 minutes or 4 hours). Cover SDHC is given a blank space to be written with the deliberate description video material, similar to the label on MiniDV cassettes. 

InfoKomputer test this time with Video 8GB SDHC class 4 type, which means having the ability to write 4MB/detik reach. SDHC has a capacity of 7.41 GB empty to save the file. 

SD memory as well as other, a switch on the right side of the protection provided for the deletion of data that is inadvertently, or infection by viruses that card in the PC when the camcorder.

Video Series SDHC 8GB with capacity of this in writing, including fast data, primarily for recording video with digital gadgets. Because of the memory card is ideal for owners of digital gadgets video recording to SD memory card. Unfortunately, for while we can not get information about the price.
SPECIFICATION SDHC Video Kingston 8GB Class 4 
Slot type: SD (Secure Digital) 
Capacity: 8GB 
Store the memory type: Flash 
Compatibility: Specification v.2.0 SD, SDHC 
Types of speed (write): Class 4 (4MB/detik) 
Warranty: lifetime 
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Source: InfoKomputer