Disable Windows Button on Keyboard

In the new keyboard output, usually there are two key new berlogo Windows. When this button is pressed, the Start menu will open. In addition to opening the Start menu, this button can be used to open some applications in Windows.

The Windows user-bred, of course already hapal correct hotkey-hotkey to run a function on Windows, for example, Windows + e to run the feature Computer, Windows + r to run the feature Run, a program with the Windows + tab, and so forth. In fact this hotkey, hotkey can be a problem for the PC that is always used together. What for? With access to all files on the computer, someone can edit the content in it. Not if the user take advantage of shortcut-shortcut to access the system.

Therefore, with the Windows hotkey this means we are tackling the possibilities that bad.
Difficult than with a long explanation, we better try this one trick.
1. Run the Registry editor by typing regedit in the Start menu.
2. Go to sub key HKEY_CURRENT_USER-Software-Microsoft-Windows-CurrentVersion-Policies-Explorer.
3. Then, create a DWORD Value data 32 bits with the new right-mouse menu and select New> DWORD value (32 bit) and give namaDWORD Value is the name NoWinKeys.
4. Ganda click and change the data value to 1.
5. Restart your PC to see the results.

Now, try to run the feature with the Computer Windows hotkey + e or run through the key features of Windows and observe what happens. Windows will not respond to your request it.

If you wish to return to its original settings, you can change the value of 1 is 0 or delete the DWORD Value Direct NoWinKeys.