19 Most Wanted Free Blackberry Applications for Daily Use

For several people BlackBerry is not just a cellphone, it evolves became a lifestyle. That’s why we can easily found many BlackBerry communities on the mailing list and social networks site like a Facebook. One of BB value that makes many peoples falling in love to this smartphone is the availability of many applications that can support every part of BB users live, such as social networks, professional live (work, business) and many more. For that reason, I’ve tried to Googling across d’Net to search various useful applications for our daily life. Here is the list:

The Best BlackBerry Applications for Social Networking

  1. Facebook: FB is the most popular social network on d’globe recently, BlackBerry’s Facebook app also becoming the best social-networking app that you can free download onBlackBerry App World. This application help you to share your status update, send a message to friends, comment them, upload picture and the capability to use Facebook friend’s profile photo as their image for your BlackBerry contact list, its awesome.
  2. MySpace:  The MySpace’s BlackBerry app has the outstanding capability like the PC version. There are many features that run properly on the mobile version. You can send and receive MySpace mail and update your status. Like the Facebook app, you can also upload pictures to your profile from your BlackBerry. If you are MySpace users, just go strait to BB app worldand download it for free.
  3. Loopt: This application able to do photo sharing, sending messages, give a comment and find a friends through the app’s location-based positioning, as long as friends have Loopt installed on their BlackBerry or iPhone.
  4. Qik Livestreaming: This application lets BB users to stream video from BlackBerry. It boasts an extremely simple interface that gets us streaming video in seconds. The quality of the video is quite good.
  5. TwitterBerry: This is one of the most popular Twitter clients for BlackBerry smartphone. Simply download and install the app, and you’ll have the full power of Twitter on your device. You can check your followers’ status, update your own, and send direct messages and surf across the Tweetsphere. It works over the data network, so you won’t need to worry about SMS charges. You can also combine this app with Facebook, so you can update your FB status via Twitter. TwitterBerry is a must-have app for Twitter addict.
  6. UberTwitter: This is the other Twitter Client as the option besides TwitterBerry. UberTwitter also provide full power of Twitter on BlackBerry, such as the ability to upload pictures, send videos, and even update your Google Talk account with your latest tweet. You can find it on BlackBerry app world.
  7. Visible Vote Mobile: This application isn’t like other social networking application. You can’t share photos and videos or tell the world about yourself. For me, this app is unique, it lets you view friends’ votes, find people of like-minded political views, and contact your representatives when you fell it’s necessary.  You can also track the legislators and find how your representatives are voting. Try this and found something different.
  8. Where: With the power of BlackBerry’s GPS, Where help you to find various places in your area. You can search Yelp to find local hot spots or Eventful to find events. You can also find a car through ZipCar, if it operates based on area.
  9. Xenozu:  Xenozu brings the YouTube service to your BlackBerry. You can search across the YouTube network, see featured videos, and save some of your favorite clips. The video and audio qualities are outstanding. Try this dude!

BlackBerry Applications for Professional Life and Personalization

  1. BerryUnit Converter: This is the freeware program for unit conversion (there are 12 category unit conversions, such as: weight, data, temperature, etc).
  2. Foreign Exchange Converter (FX Converter) by Oanda: FX Converter able to convert various currencies from many countries and updating the exchange rate via online, this app also provides information about rate conversion using credit card and cash.
  3. AutoLock: Automatically lock the BlackBerry keyboard after the backlight lamp gloomy (we can set the time delay start from 1 second up to 10 minutes).
  4. CaptureIT: This program has same function with PrintScreen feature on PC, you can save picture that you want in to a JPG format.
  5. ColorPearl: This app lets you change the trackball colors lamp as you like, but its only works for the Pearl series.
  6. SaveToMemoPad: Save your email or SMS to the memo pad (.txt format).
  7. Opera Mini: Opera Mini is the most popular mini browser for mobile devices, although BlackBerry already has an original browser, I still recommended it to use because sometimes there are many links that too heavy for BB browser.
  8. The Red Envelope (Gmail): If you join various mailing lists, you better install this app to your BlackBerry. Gmail have many better features than BB message.
  9. Google map: Yeah, we all know that BlackBerry already have BlackBerry map, but you can still use this as an option. The latest version of Gmap have awesome feature, call it Lattitude. With this feature we can easily find our friends location which also has Gmap on their BlackBerry.
  10. Viigo: Viigo lets you get an update for the latest news from whole world. We can choose various news providers such as CNN, BBC, ESPN and even the local news provider. Every link with the RSS reader format is compatible with this application.

Hope you enjoyed that recommendation, if you have any other reference, please share with us. Feel free to leave your comment bro.