This week’s  Big Brother HOH Winner?

Week 8 in the Big Brother house, this week’s HOH winner is….drumroll please….KEVIN!

Kevin, the mild mannered, colorful token gay of the house (whom I LOVE by the way) is the new HOH of the Big Brother house. Kevin’s HOH status will most likely flip the house being as he and Natalie have formed a Final 2 pact, and have vowed to evict Jeff (the former HOH) if they got power. Looks like they got their wish. Now will they break their promise to Jeff and put him up this week?

Really, this would be the best move on their part, to evict Jeff, because he is absolutely their strongest competition. By far. Jordan and Michelle are both weak players compared to him. As scary as it is, I am starting to think that Natalie just might win this! Funny thing is, as much as I can’t stand Natalie, I am in a Big Brother “pool” and was drawn her name. So if she wins – I win! I am still surprised Gnat has made it as far as she has in the game. They should have evicted her long ago. She is very good at stirring things up and not getting her hands dirty!

jessie-lydia-big-brotherAnd how about Lydia going into the Jury House with Jessie? Wasn’t that a joke? After she was evicted he talked mad shiz about how she was going to lay into him as soon as she saw him, but that is hardly what happened. She put a little show on for the camera but she was obvious THRILLED to have a week alone with her manboy. Hell, she is probably on her back as we speak!

Who do you think Kevin is going to put up this week?Jeff & Jordan? Jeff & Michelle? Or do you think he will turn on his own ally and put Natalie & Jeff up?