Spec XFX Radeon HD 4650 AGP Graphics Card

XFX has joined with other ATI manufacturer’s in producing the HD 4650, a mid-range video card that still uses the legacy bus. The card is identical in spec to the PCI Express version, and features speeds of 600MHz Core and 800MHz Memory in either 1GB or 512MB variations. It has the same 128-bit memory bus and 320 stream processors and dual DVI. It also requires a 4-pin power connector.

The HF 4650 is not the fastest AGP card currently available (title held by the HD 4670) but it is enough to achieve decent frame rates on most current games or work well in a home theatre environment with HD video.

Pricing starts at around $90 USD for the 1GB model.

Bus Type: AGP 8X

GPU Clock: 600MHz

Memory Bus: 128

Memory Type: DDR2

Memory Size: 1,024MB / 512MB

Memory Speed: 800MHz

Thermal Solution: Fansink

Minimum Power Supply Requirement: 400Watt

Outputs: HDTV, Dual-Link

DVI Feature: ATI PowerPlay™ Technology, DirectX 10.1 Support, ATI Avivo HD

Package Contents: S-Video Cable, DVI Adapter