Blackberry Applications For Twitter

Twitter now is one of the best social network and lots of blackberry users also had twitter account. Because of that, lots of blackberry Apps for twitter and this the list of twitter applications for blackberry:

BBTweet: BBTweet is ideal for new users because it’s so simple they can read and reply to tweets without learning a new application, and it integrates Twitter with the user’s message inbox.

Blackbird: Blackbird is fairly barebones compared to other applications and offers few features; for instance, this app doesn’t allow you to send photos, follow, unfollow, or search.  It does, however, have the basic functionality and user interface necessary for Tweeting.  It’s not the best choice for those who use their Blackberry for the bulk of their tweets.  On the flip side,  the quick, small download doesn’t take up much space and the interface is not graphics intensive (eg., no avatars are displayed), so it’s ideal for a Tweeter who’s more interested in publishing status updates than Twitter’s other features.

Jitter: Jitter is simple to use (text only) and communicates directly with the Twitter server.  The fact that it supports any language the device supports is a nice feature.

SocialScope: SocialScope offers all of the standard functions (status updates, retweeting, etc.) but it has the added feature of being able to update Facebook and Twitter simultaneously.  In addition, it provides frequent updates and allows users to search and view their friends’ and personal timelines.  SocialScope also offers and address book, calendar, and multiple keyboard shortcuts that are popular among its users.

Tiny Twitter: Tiny Twitter is designed for all Java-enabled devices (including BlackBerry).  A fairly simple application that has standard functionality, it also allows access to friends’ timelines as well as your own.

TweetCaster: TweetCaster offers the basics for Twitter users, including a real-time trending topics list for those who like to know what the most popular Tweets are about.  It also allows picture sharing and a GPS locator to find other nearby tweeters, as well as a simple one-step function for updates and retweets.

TwitterBerry: TwitterBerry is one of the most popular applications for Blackberry users because of its ease of use and attractive interface.  Like the better apps in its league, TwitterBerry allows users to view both their friends’ and the public timelines.  It also offers a standard character availability countdown so your message isn’t inadvertently cut short mid-tweet.

Twibble: Twibble provides standard functionality (sending and receiving replies) for Twitter users and allows them to access direct messages and timelines.  It also provides an automatic update feature for refreshing various feeds, and like Tweetcaster (and the Twitterific app for iPhone) it can tie GPS location information to Tweets to locate others nearby doing the same.  Originally developed to run on Nokia devices using Symbian, it now also works with BlackBerries.

Viigo: Viigo is a multifunctional application ideal for users of multiple apps because it rolls them all together and takes up less room.  Users rave about the separate feeds for timelines, replies, and messages

Ubertwitter: Ubertwitter rivals TwitterBerry in its advanced functionality and its sleek, aesthetically pleasing design.  This application also allows users to take photos within updates, as well as pinning GPS location.

TwiXtreme: offers many of the basic functionality you would expect from a decent Twitter client including: Upload Pictures, Cool Graphics, Free & No Ads, Re-Tweet, Favorites, Mentions, Trends, Direct Messages, Nearby Tweets, Profile View and Search
The downside to TwiXreme is that the UI could be a little better. but if you can get a Social Scope invite, do so immediately.