Glee version of Sweet Caroline and Sisqo’s Thong Song

Who looves the show called ‘Glee?’

it is a refreshing show to watch and I love it because of the music (well what can I say? I was a ‘band geek’ back in the day. Except when I went to high school (graduated from high school in the late 90s’ ) our band won competitions, in fact why don’t they ever make a show about bands in high school, that have percussion ensembles, full orchestra, symphony band, marching band, etc…

now that would be worth watching.

and p.s.s. our band was a hell of a lot better than our football teams. No joke, the four years at my high school, we won SIX games…. now I know my high school football team was once great in the earl 90s and before that….

not sure what happened.

Now going back to GLEE, well for you Glee lovers, Twentieth Century Fox Television and Columbia Records today released select songs on iTunes featured in this week’s episode of GLEE, including infectious cast versions of Young MC’s “Bust A Move,” Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” and Sisqo’s “Thong Song.”

(although I love the original versions better but this is still good…)

anyone love the episode?

and here is Sisqo’s “Thong Song sung by the “Glee’ cast, enjoy :)

what do you think of the show? the songs? let know!

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