Minnesota Twins vs Detroit Tigers - Game Playoff

MetrodomeFor the third straight year, 162 games were not enough to complete the postseason. For the second straight year, the AL Central title and the Minnesota Twins are involved in the tiebreaker.

Minnesota's remarkable sprint to the finish was enough to catch the Tigers, who had a seven-game cushion exactly a month ago on Sept. 6. Lest you think that leaves Detroit in a fragile state as it heads to the Metrodome to determine the division champion once and for all, keep in mind it split with theTwins in a four-game series last week and its strength is starting pitching -- something which can take a team very far in October.

It's the Tigers' Rick Porcello against the Twins' Scott Baker for all the Central marbles. Here at MLB FanHouse, we're just getting warmed up for the month ahead. Join us after the jump for a live chat from first pitch to final out of the one-game playoff.