After Christmas Sales 2009 - Christmas Sales 2009

After Christmas Sales 2009 - Christmas Sales 2009 . Do you want to join the After Christmas Sales 2009 craze today? This is a very influencing pattern of living. Many people are getting interested with sales, freebies, and bonuses.

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As of 12/26, Walmart is offering several toys for just $8 each. These items include the Barbie Fashionista Dolls and My House Furniture set as well as the Littlest Pet Shop Deco Pets and the Pixos Starter Pack. (prices may vary in your particular state)

Walmart will also offer a eMachine 10.1' netbook computer for just $228. This netbook features 1 gigabyte of RAM memory, a 250 gigabyte hard drive and more. At just over $200 that's a perfect little computer for travel or home use which will allow for surfing the internet, sending emails, and basic productivity.

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