Bad Gift Emporium - bad gift emporium 2009

Bad Gift Emporium - bad gift emporium 2009. Bad Gift Emporium - bad gift emporium nEWS iNFO FREE People upload photos of bad gifts in the hope that some visitor will see it and want to take it off their hands. Of course, some people have to keep their bad gifts(probably because they live with the bad gift-giver) so those people just share photos of the bad gifts they’ll be enduring for a good long while.The Bad Gift Emporium

If you have horrible, horrible taste and haven’t finished your holiday shopping, it’s probably a good idea to have a look around on the site. Just so you know what not to buy.

Kenny was sitting out in the dining room half of the time. We pretty much went without incident throughout our meal. I snuck a few photos without a problem, unlike this NYTimes reporter. I almost felt a little jipped with what I expected. It’s like going to a Brian Jonestown Massacre concert and they finish their set without any fighting. But as soon as we were finishing up, a large family (a few young children, a few adults and few senior citizens) walked by and Kenny yells at them to go away. “We don’t like tourists!” There, I got my money’s worth.

I have to say, after watching the documentary, I really get a feel for this guy. He’s not a bad person. He means well. It downplays all those crazy diner stories I’ve read. At the end of the meal, I turned around to look at the restaurant. There was a moment where Kenny and I made eye contact. It seemed as if he was checking me out, if I was going to be a problem or something. In the end, I felt like we silently agreed that we were both human beings and to just let it be.

There’s a Free Emporium & Gift Exchange next door to Shopsin’s. Sort of an art exhibition where you can bring in an unused gift that you don’t want in exchange for something that someone else left. Pretty interesting. I asked and apparently there’s no value scale, meaning you can bring in your new iPhone in exchanged for the large Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Bar or vice versa. It’s open through January 9, 2010.