Bobby Ray b.o.b Kissing Facts

B.o.B., Bob, Bobby Ray, it doesn’t matter, there’s a Bob in there somewhere.”

On his sound…

“I would describe my sound, and see this is where I’m different, because when it comes to a sound, I don’t feel the need to describe it. I feel like trying to describe it is putting in a box.

I understand what I’m doing, I understand what elements come from hip-hop and rock and r & b, but it’s kind of undescribable. It’s a little reggae in there, a little electro, a little meditation music, ‘cause it’s all in my subconscious mind, so it just comes out.”

On the same day he was sentenced to 1 year and 1 day in prison, T.I. joined his fellow Grand Hustle recruit Bobby Ray (formerly B.o.B.) on stage at the Loft for a historic acapella performance for the Paper Trail track ‘On Top Of The World.’ Shout out goes to TJs DJs frontman TJ Chapman for the footage.