HTC Nexus One, Google`S Phone, Handled And Tested

HTC Nexus One, Google`S Phone, Handled And Tested. Finally, true pictures with Nexus One escaped on blogs, and who tested the device can say for real which are the qualities and defects of Google`s Phone. As a first impression, what catches the attention it`s the size: it`s very thin and looks much better for real that it is in pictures. The version tested has 4 GB microSD card, has an OLED touch-screen, it is 3G capable, only in T-Mobile 3G network, on AT&T works at EDGE speeds, and has a very good response, being faster than DROID.

Another gap, that probably HTC skipped, is the lack of dedicated button for the camera, which it has the same interface as Droid, users can give normal calls and are not routed over VoIP, the phone has gold contacts at the bottom, for a dock probably. If we talk about the screen, the reviewer said that Nexus One has no support for multi-touch in browser and Google Maps.

After a first review the phone gained the interest of many potentially buyers, is a device with good technical issues, and multi-touch will be fixed soon. We want to know more about this phone, and it is hope that soon we will find out what other surprises hide Nexus One

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