Jimmy Sullivan Dies - Jimmy Sullivan Dies Photos

Jimmy Sullivan Dies - Jimmy Sullivan Dies Photos.

Jimmy Sullivan Dies Photos watch and was the cause of his death because his body found at home.James Sullivan performed vocals and piano in his and Brian Haner Jr.’s side project, Pinkly Smooth, in 2002. He was also utilized as a back-up vocalist in Avenged Sevenfold. Besides screaming with lead vocalist M. Shadows in live versions of songs Chapter Four and Eternal Rest, the song Critical Acclaim featured Sullivan on lead vocals during the chorus of the song, both singing and screaming. His vocals are also featured in other songs from the Avenged Sevenfold eponymous album, such as “A Little Piece of Heaven”, “Brompton Cocktail”, “Gunslinger”, “Lost”, “Afterlife”, and “Almost Easy”. The Rev is widely respected and recognized for his accurate fast fingerwork, his “arpeggios,” and his song writing ability. He can play many different styles of drumming, having started playing drums young, playing double bass since before high school, giving Jimmy a high degree of prowess behind the drums. Jimmy also plays many different instruments other than the drums, such as the piano and guitar and has used these abilities to write songs such as “A Little Piece of Heaven.” Before leaving to join Avenged Sevenfold, Jimmy performed with Pop-Rock/Ska band Suburban Legends as their drummer.