Just Friends Movie - Just Friends Download Full

Just Friends Movie - Just Friends Download Full.

Ten years later, Chris is handsome and successful with a thriving career as a record producer in Los Angeles and a reputation as a ferocious womanizer. Just before Christmas, his boss (Stephen Root) orders him to take up-and-coming pop singer Samantha James (Faris) to Paris so that she will sign with their company. Chris goes reluctantly, as he has a history with the self-obsessed James. During their trip to Paris, Samantha sets her private jet on fire by neglecting to remove the aluminum foil from a plate of salmon she has placed in the plane’s microwave oven. This necessitates an emergency landing in New Jersey, not far from Chris’s hometown. He takes her to his mother’s house for the night, causing him to face the humiliating high school years he left behind and his unresolved feelings for Jamie.