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Nick Jonas Dead Photos - Nick Jonas Dead Photos News.The Jonas family supported Nick through all the chemotherapy, and made sure he was as comfortable as possible, but it wasn’t helping to rid the cancer. There were complications due to Nick JOnas’previous diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes. Nick JOnas and family decided not to tell fans because they did not want them to worry, and did not want fans bombarding the family during this tough time. The family was unaware of that Nick had cancer until the late diagnosis in May, because pancreatic cancer symptoms are often non-specific. Due to his Diabetes, some of the symptoms, such as not feeling well and abdominal pain were thought to be attributed to the diabetes, and the family never sought additional treatment or diagnosis until Nick began to look jaundice and was unable to keep a healthy weight.

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he family is in mourning, and will hold a private funeral on Friday, and another public memorial for fans on Saturday.