Norad Santa Tracker 2009 – Where Is Santa Right Now

Norad Santa Tracker 2009 -- Norad Santa 2009 | Where Is Santa Right Now. Are you searching full details of NORAD Santa Tracker 2009? Get all the information regarding NORAD Santa trackerfrom its official site Here are provided important details of NORAD Santa 2009 and its tracking process. On 25th December, NORAD Santa Tracker tool of website will help you to track Santa online.

The real name of Santa Claus is Saint Nicholas and Santa Claus is at least 16 centuries old. Santa Claus is alive and he resides in the hearts of children. He is also known by Saint Nick and famous for giving gifts to the sad people.

Santa rides on the reindeer cart and takes break while traveling for his Christmas Eve Trip. Many children put snacks for Santa and Carrots for reindeer outside to their house. When Santa starts his journey from the North Pole, children noted him in the Google maps and Google Earth reports.

The program was began on 24th December, 1955, when a child dialed a number that was wrong printed on newspaper and received by the Continental Air Defense Command Operations Center in Colorado Springs, Colo. The chief officer of Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station answered that child about Santa. This began the custom of tracking Santa, which was carried on by NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) in 1958. This program became famous after it showed on the internet in 1998. Millions of people visit this website from hundreds of countries and territories. Thousands of phone calls and emails are received to inquire about Santa Claus every year.

If you want to know exact location of Santa Claus, then mail on or call at 1-877-446-6723.