Palm Reduces Its Loses Up To $85.4 Million In The Latest Quarter

Palm made public its financial results, where it was shown that the company is recovering in small stages. Numbers show that Palm reduced its lost from a $164.5M net loss to $85.4M. The company had a $590 million cash flow and other goods, enough to keep the company on the line without any cash external infusion for at least a few additional quarters.

According to its financial data, Palm sold 784,000 phones in the quarter, 5% less than previous quarter. The company was seriously affected by the crisis, and was it very hard to keep the company on the market, was hard to find solutions and to reduce the lost. For the next year Palm plans to expand its geographical coverage and to grow carrier.

Their store have 800 apps until now, and after Early Access Program exclusivity, Palm expects a growing interest for their platform and number of applications will increase very much.



via Engadget