Poonam Big Boss 3 Winner 2009 - Poonam Big Boss 3 Winner 2009

poonam_dhillon1_310If Poonam wins the race against her male counterparts, Vindoo and Pravesh, she will be the first women to win the title of Big Boss.
Way to go Poonam.

Vindu dara Singh proved many times through his nominations that he has a strong fan following. More so he has faith in his voters and love for Indian audience which has encouraged them to vote more and more. During Bigg Boss Season 3 he was given added advantage by being telecasted while he talked with himself and it worked.

Pravesh Rana for Uttar Pradesh who played wisely and made it to finals despite being a wild card entry. Similar to Ashutosh Kaushik he is young blood, bachelor, macho and quite goodlooking.

Poonam Dhillion is the second only women after Carol Gracius to make it to Grand Finale. Being a heartthrob in her times she has a strong fan following and has played her cards well by being the most non controversial and most helpful among the participants.

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