Stores Open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Doing some last minute christmas shooping or maybe buying some groceries for your Christmas meal? Well, here are some of the store schedule of popular establishments christmas eve for and Christmas day.

Please note that you should check with your local store to know the real schedule. These store opening and closing time on Christmas eve can change without prior notice. Thank you.

christmas walmart store open Stores Open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

In general, retail stores, liquor stores, supermarkets are open on Christmas Eve, some with extended hours; but they are closed on Christmas Day. Taverns and bars also follow this schedule. However, convenience stores are normally open on both days.

Christmas Eve schedule:

  • Walmart – open up to 6pm
  • Target – open up to 6pm
  • KMart – open up to 7pm
  • JC Penny – open up to 8pm
  • Sears – open up to 7pm
  • Home Depot – open up to 7pm
  • Lowes – up to 5pm

For the post office: Some post offices closed on Christmas Eve; open offices will close at noon; last mailbox collections at noon. Morover, all offices are closed on Christmas Day; no delivery service except for Sunday and Holiday Premium Express Mail.

Of course, what’s open 24 hours is online Christmas shopping. Just check out Stores Open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day if you’re thinking of buying something for the holidays.

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