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The bodybugg (often spelled body bug) is a 24 hour Fitness biometric calorie management system. It has four sensors which collect data from your body and arrange according to your age, gender, and weight. It enables a correct estimation of energy expenditure. You have to wear bodybugg on your arm, it easily fits under clothing and you can take it anywhere you go. it doesn’t matter on activity you are doing like playing with your kids, in your office, washing plats and many more after wearing it. The bodybugg calculates the amount of energy expended in each motion. The creator of Bodybugg is Apex, which is also the manufacturer of 24 Hour Fitness. The price of the entire Bodybugg program is $349.90. For more information about The Body Bug Calorie Counter is given below and you can get information by visiting its official website also.

Bodybugg is an ideal tool for anyone struggling with their weights. Many of us want to lose weight and want to look perfect. With bodybugg you can easily fulfill your wish. It is a helpful tool for person who wants to lose their weight. The slim design of the armband minimizes interference with daily activities and can be worn. It gives an importance to weight management is significant how many calories are being consumed. It’s an easy to use and secure web application for quickly logging your meals.

The Body Bug Calorie Counter Features:

  • The Bodybugg calorie counter is part of the Bodybugg system which includes a web application which allows users to track their daily intake of calories in order to be certain that more calories are expended than are taken in.
  • Uses specialized sensors to monitor calories burned with over 90% accuracy
  • Manages calories consumed through easy to use web based program included
  • free for 6 months with initial purchase.
  • Tracks steps with built in pedometer.
  • 45 minute phone coaching to help get you started.
  • PC and MAC compatible.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • The Bodybugg was awarded the “Best of what’s New” in the Personal Health category by Popular Science magazine in 2005.


  • Bodybugg seems to make use of state-of-the-art- technology.


  • The Bodybugg doesn’t directly assist with weight reduction.
  • The cost of this device is rather high at $349.90.
  • The software used in this product is not suitable for Macs
  • Some users report becoming obsessed with the number-monitoring that Bodybugg requires.

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