Casey Johnson Dead - Casey Johnson Cause of Dead Johnson Dead - Casey Johnson Cause of Dead. Casey Johnson died. Casey Johnson, who created a stir when Tila Tequila declared they were engaged together, has died at the age of 30.. Johnson’s cause of death will be determined later by an autopsy. Johnson’s dead body was discovered on Jan 4, 2010. It is unconfirmed exactly when Johnson died. John was found dead in Los Angeles.

The last time some one saw Casey Johnson alive was on Dec 28. Tequila said Johnson stayed at her home on Dec 28 and left the next day on Dec 29. Tequila said Johnson left her dogs at her place. When Tequila tried to call Johnson on Dec 29 to talk to her about her dogs, the phone had bee shut off. Johnson’s last tweet was on Dec 29, at 1:13 am.

The autopsy may be able to place the date of death.

Johnson was an alleged heiress from the Johnson & Johnson empire. Casey’s father is Woody Johnson, the owner of New York Jets. Johnson was the great, great, granddaughter of Robert Wood Johnson. Johnson Sr was the founder of Johnson and Johnson, the pharmaceutical company with a wide range of products.

However, Courtenay Semel, a former good friend of Johnson’s, claimed she was cut off by her family. Hence, there was a dispute on whether she was still an heiress. Woody Johnson and his wife had cut off Casey from her heiress trust fund when she refused to get help for a drug abuse problem.

Semel claimed Johnson was left in financial difficulties.

In Nov 2009, Johnson was arrested for grand theft. Johnson’s former girlfriend claimed her belongings were stolen. Johnson hit back by denying her charge. Johnson said she was just a bitter former girlfriend.

Tila Tequila has tweets about the passing of Casey Johnson. There was some confusion when Tequila tweeted that Johnson was not dead but in a coma. However, the LAPD had issued statements about the discovery of a dead body identified as being Casey Johnson.

Casey Johnson left behind her daughter, Ava.

Casey Johnson, RIP.