David Paterson - New York governor David Patterson makes Jewish joke

After a town hall meeting in NY, Gov. David Paterson unloaded on how Saturday Night Live has been mocking his blindness. Asked by a reporter if he has any thoughts on how he's being portrayed on SNL, the governor said, "yes, but I can't repeat them." Fred Armisen has portrayed Paterson as a bumbling fool, holding a chart upside down, for instance.

AP Gov. David Paterson is eager to discuss on numerous matters, however there's no less than single subject on which he won't move: some principles section supervision the condition government have got to be self-governing.

Faced with one of the bleakest financial pictures in memory, New York Gov. David Paterson on Tuesday released a $121 billion proposed budget that would hit the entertainment industry and consumers in the pocketbook.

New York governor David Patterson makes Jewish joke at inauguration. I don't want to ruin the punchline, but to set it up, this is non-offensive and it should be noted that Governor Patterson is legally blind. --------------------------------------- Gov. David Paterson, who is right now being interviewed by WAMC's Alan Chartock ...