Dulha Mil Gaya, Dulha Mil Gaya Review 2010 Information

Dulha Mil Gaya, Dulha Mil Gaya Review 2010 Information. Dulha Mil Gaya is regressive and stale. The most creative aspect of the film are the characters names- apart from Shimmer, we have a flamboyantly gay cook named Lotus and a butler named Valentine.

The Boston Globe critic Wesley Morris once said that the only highlights in Oliver Stone’s Alexander were in Colin Farell’s hair. Well, the only highlights in this film are in Fardeen Khan’s hair.
The song also has a remix version, which might find place at DJ consoles.

Next in line is the title track Dulha mil gaya sung by Daler Mehndi. It is currently doing the rounds of television channels and is one of the better songs of the album. The Bhangra-based song is catchy and doesn’t lose its tempo.

The remix version adds an edge to the original.

Then there is Aaja aaja mera ranjhna with newcomer Sunanda behind the mike and later joined by Anushka Manchanda. It is very typical and reminds of tracks of the early 90s owing to its orchestration and vocals. In today’s time, it doesn’t appeal at all.

Up next is Magar meri jaan with Anushka. It is a fast-paced, foot-tapping number. However it lacks punch and doesn’t offer anything fresh and out-of-the-box. Strictly an average number.

Then we have Tu jo jaan le, a soft love ballad with touches of rock. It is sung by Sonu Niigaam and picks up tempo after a few minutes into the song. A nice track that will be liked.

Rang diya dil is a Shreya Ghoshal song. It is a slow-paced romantic outing and Ghoshal’s honey-tucked voice makes it pleasing. It is a melodious track and strikes a chord with the listener.

Next is Dilrubaon ke jalwe, an amalgamation of Indian qawaali and western hip hop. It is crooned by Amit Kumar and Monali Thakur and does have the potential to be a hit. The shifts from western to Indian and back to western music is interesting. The song also has a remixed version that adds zing.

Finally we have Shiri farhad in Neeraj Sridhar and Tulsi Kumar’s voice. This one too boasts of psychedelic beats with Hindi and English lyrics. The song is very ordinary and has a heard-before feeling. Same beats and not many alterations in the lyrics makes it a routine affair.

On the whole Lalit Pandit disappoints big time. There is nothing worth noticing in most songs. The tunes and styles are ordinary and lack freshness and punch.