Erica lee fired - Erica lee fired Really?

Erica lee fired - Erica lee fired Really?. Erica Lee Fired! Erica Lee is fired from Mix 105.1’s “Scott and Erica Morning Show”! Eric Lee’s firing was ends a 2 decade run that many listeners aren’t happy with today. Scott will remain on air in the same position. Moments ago, McKenzie told listeners that 19 years was one of the best runs in radio, anywhere.Central Florida News 13 Mix 105.1's Erica Lee Fired Erica Lee , formerly of Mix 105.1's “Scott and Erica Morning Show”, confirmed Thursday she had been fired from WOMX. She had been with the station for nearly … Mix 105.1 Fires Longtime DJ Erica Lee Central Florida News 13 Popular Local DJ ' Erica ' Fired After 19 Years all 4 news articles