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fact check state of the union, Obama State of Union Fact Check, supreme court state of the union, fact check, factcheck, state of the union fact check, supreme court Long and Boring. That was the Obama speech. If you missed it, be happy. If you didn’t, please accept my condolences.

We could have written much of this article before President Obama even delivered his State of the Union address. His consistent history of broken promises (must be why he mentioned a Deficit of Trust), flip-flops, lies and scandals makes it all very predictable. You heard what he said, but here is the Fact Check on the President’s comments.

I think having the President issue constant lectures about how America is tired of partisanship was the most annoying thing of the evening. He is one of the most partisan politicians ever. It’s very hard to take him seriously!

Politico has a great piece here about Justice Alito mouthing “not true” to Obama’s claim that the U.S. Supreme Court screwed up recently. It’s not just Joe Wilson anymore!!

  1. Obama State of Union

    Obama State of Union

    Obama State of the Union Fact Check # 1 – New Focus on Creating Jobs?
    1/27/2010 - Obama pretended that job creation is now (has always been?) his main focus, when in reality he spent most of his time on the attempted socialist healthcare takeover. If job creation truly is his main focus, then why is it that $500 Billion of the $787-Billion Economic Stimulus money still has not been spent? And why on earth would he need ANOTHER jobs bill? Just use some of the remaining stimulus money to actually create a job or two! Then, use the rest to pay off the loan you had to take since we don’t have the money to afford the stimulus in the first place!
  2. Obama State of the Union Fact Check # 2 – Bonus Checks for Fat Cat Executives 1/27/2010 - While he talks a good game, the Obama administration was well aware of the AIG bonus checks before they went out last year and did nothing to stop them. He said if banks can afford big bonus checks they can afford a new tax too! Investors won’t like that news.
  3. Obama State of the Union Fact Check # 3 – Tax Cut for Creating New Jobs 1/27/2010 - From the 22 pieces of “Brookings Bull” Obama spewed at the Brookings Institution comes this reality check: OBAMA: There are those who claim we have to choose between paying down our deficits on the one hand, and investing in job creation and economic growth on the other. But this is a false choice. Ensuring that economic growth and job creation are strong and sustained is critical to ensuring that we are increasing revenues and decreasing spending on things like unemployment so that our deficits will start coming down. FACTS: Interesting comments. His own budget director disagrees with him. Peter Orszag, liberal blogger from the Brookings Institution where Obama was speaking, once wrote for that organization that, “If we do invest more than two percent of our income, we must borrow the difference from foreigners - which would leave future generations of Americans increasingly indebted to other nations…This borrowing from abroad, however, mortgages the future returns from domestic investment in the U.S.”
  4. Obama State of the Union Fact Check # 4 – Is He REALLY trying to help Small Business? 1/27/2010 - Obama again suggested a capital gains tax elimination for small businesses. However, he has made this promise before. On June 1st last year, Politico reported: “Even though he unapologetically promised to raise taxes on entrepreneurs (and everybody else) making more than $250,000 per year, Obama offered small businesses some solace by promising several specific tax cuts. One, which became a cornerstone of his campaign’s jobs plan, would eliminate capital gains taxes for small businesses…he nevertheless shelved (the) proposal: His budget puts off the capital gains tax cut until after his term in office ends” Also, a September article at the super-lefty Huffington Post said Obama has already broken five promises to small business: 1) failed to restore SBA budget, 2) failed to restore SBA leader to his Cabinet, 3) failed to help women-owned firms, and 4) failed to stop the practice of giving government small business money to big businesses. Obama has not shown he is anything more than “words, just words.”
  5. Obama State of the Union Fact Check # 5 – “Our Union is Strong” 1/27/2010 - The President said, “Despite our hardships, our union is strong.” We just want some clarification. When he says “our union,” is he talking about the SEIU?
  6. Obama State of the Union Fact Check # 6 – Pretending to be a Budget Cutter – The Budget Freeze That Wasn’t! 1/27/2010 - The president formally announced his plan to supposedly freeze some spending for 3 years. He may call it a spending freeze but his plan does not freeze spending. He’s counting on you to think that when he says spending freeze it means spending will remain at the same level over the next few years. That’s not true. His idea of a spending freeze is that there won’t be increases in the budget for some areas OVER AND ABOVE THE INCREASES already approved and scheduled to take place for those areas! Members of the audience laughed when he said he wouldn’t be doing the freeze this year though! Gosh, he couldn’t do that… it’s an election year! If the freeze was needed so badly, why wait? To make sure you understand, the present budget already calls for a percentage amount increase in these departments in coming years. Those percentage increases can continue under the Obama “freeze.” So, while it might be a slowing of growth (something I would support), you simply cannot call it a Budget Freeze. Also, the President tonight announced he wants to spend $4 billion more on education (or $12 billion over three years) nearly negating his entire “savings” form his so-called “freeze.”
  7. Obama State of the Union Fact Check # 7 – Plan to Improve Outcomes for all Students 1/27/2010 - The guy he put in charge of education, Arne Duncan, put together a plan to save the schools in Chicago and the plan failed big time. The Chicago Tribune reported the Duncan plan actually made things worse! Now, Duncan is basing his “Race to the Top” national education plan on the failed Chicago program! Also, Obama still has not dealt with his so-called Safe Schools Czar and all of the scandals surrounding him.
  8. Obama State of the Union Fact Check # 8 – He Doesn’t Really Get the Massachusetts Message 1/27/2010 - Trying to play both sides of the health reform debate, President Obama used phrases like “as temperatures cool,” but also still promised to push forward. He said he’d listen to any new plan, even one from a republican but quickly rattled off a list of 7 or 8 items the plan would have to include… it boiled down to the equivalent of him saying, “Give me what I want or I won’t even listen to you!” Despite the public outcry to move along, Obama urged his audience not to give up.
    1. Obama State of the Union Fact Check # 9 – True Engine of the Economy 1/27/2010 - The Prez admittted the true engine of the economy “will always be American bsuiness.” Quite the contrast from his earlier claims that “only government” could solve the economic mess the nation was in. Also, if he really believed that, then why all the broken small business promises noted above? The truth is this has not been a priority.
    2. Obama State of the Union Fact Check # 10 – The LIE about the Light of Freedom for Tyranny in Iran 1/27/2010 - Obama again repeated his lies about Iran. He spoke of tough sanctions being enforced. There never were any with any teeth. He also repeated his foolish lie that America wil always stand on the side of human dignity and freedom, “Always!” he repeated. Yet, when push came to shove and people were protesting for freedom in Iran, Obama said the people of Iran could “speak for themselves.” Words, just words.
    3. Obama State of the Union Fact Check # 11 - Energy Policy Flip Flops! 1/27/2010 - Barack Obama is trying to become Sarah Palin! He verbally announced that he basically supports HER energy plan! He claimed he wants to build more nuclear power plants in the U.S.A., drill offshore now and support new clean coal power plants! Those moves, if true, would be wonderful and welcome. I’m not going to hold my breath. This is part of his new “populist” image he is trying to roll out. If you listened carefully, he also said he would put in some incentives to make clean energy the profitable method. In other words, the only way to make money will be with wind and solar. He also took time to brag about creating 1,000 jobs for people making solar panels.
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    5. Obama State of the Union Fact Check # 12 - Immigration Reform & The Latino Let-Down 1/27/2010 - The President promised to “continue the work” on this issue. Continue the work? What work? Obama has been nothing but a Latino Let Down and did not live up to his promise to tackle immigration reform during the first year of his presidency. Words, just words.
    6. Obama State of the Union Fact Check # 13 – Suddenly Tough on Terror? 1/27/2010 - The President found himself in the awkward position of bragging that he killed more terrorists in 2009 than Bush killed in 2008. I wonder if any of the anti-war, anti-killing crowd heard that? He then made a claim that few believe saying that since the day he took office he has renewed the focus on preventing terror attacks. How’s that working out so far?!
    7. Obama State of the Union Fact Check # 14 – Hypocrisy: Corporate Giving vs. Union Giving! 1/27/2010 - After the U.S. Supreme Court struck down parts of a law that limited the amounts corporations and unions could spend on elections, the democrats feigned outrage… but only against the corporate giving. Obama urged congress to pass a law to get around the Supreme Court decision… or at least part of it. Obama is fine with the part of the bill that removed limits on what labor
      1. unions can give to campaigns. That’s because the union giving all goes to Democrats and they worry the corporate giving may help Republicans more than them. This is a huge hypocrisy. What’s good for the goose, don’t ya know. So they want a bill that will limit or eliminate the free speech of corporations.
      2. Obama State of the Union Fact Check # 15 - Fake Concern over Government Spending 1/27/2010 - After ramming through the largest federal budget ever, bragging about expanding programs (spending more), and admitting he added at least $1-trillion to the deficit in a single year, the President wanted you to believe he is concerned about this. He has a plan though, he says, to eliminate the trillion he added to the deficit. The catch? It will take 20 years!! Long after he is out of office. It’s all smoke and mirrors. He even repeated the lie that George W. Bush inherited a “budget surplus” from Bill Clinton. There never, ever was a budget surplus. There was a projection that a budget surplus might take place if guesstimates held up. Those guesses did not hold up and there never, ever was a budget surplus. For the President to willingly lie like that to the American people is simply amazing.
      3. Obama State of the Union Fact Check # 16 – Pretending to Wish for Bipartisanship 1/27/2010 - Obama is perhaps the most partisan politician ever. Even as a senator he was among the top two partisans in the senate. I think Biden was the other. For him to have the audacity to say Americans are tired of the partisanship, as if he had nothing to do with, is frustrating to say the least. He pretended to be against gridlock and yet had no interest in gaining a single republican vote for his health care plan. He was using that gridlock to help him pass the plan! He did acknowledge that his “change we can believe in” slogan is not being bought by most Americans. But then he complained that being President is hard. (Worlds smallest violin playing a sad song for him somewhere).
      4. Obama State of the Union Fact Check # 17 – Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Removed? 1/27/2010 - Obama repeated his pledge to give back to his gay activist supporters. While military leaders stood and applauded for some parts of the speech, when Obama announced he still planned to tackle this issue, they all remained seated and not one of them clapped.