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Why is it more Americans are getting rescued and not many Haitians? Survivors recover, others pulled from the rubble and died from injuries.

On Friday, USAID rescue squads from Fairfax, Va., brought out two more survivors from the Hotel Montana, the latest in a string of rescues from the hotel's ruins.

A Haitian and an American, Dan Woolley were in separate elevator cars talking to each other through a wall. According to a rescue worker, the American was saying, "Get her done. Get her done."

After three harrowing days, Woolley's wife, Christy, was reunited with him at a hospital Friday night in Miami.

A Jersey doctor also found alive under the rubbles of the crushed hotel.

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Montana Hotel Haiti Updates. SullJS: Please pray for everyone in Haiti. Tweet medic7531: Looking for info on Hotel Montana in Haiti I have two family

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