Human Giant, Human Giant

human giant
Human Giant, Human Giant. Chevron has unleashed their "Human Energy" greenwashing ads upon us, yet repression in Burma, an environmental disaster in Ecuador’s rainforest, and a federal judge’s decision last month to force Chevron to stand trial in the U.S. for the massacre of Nigerian villagers highlight the oil giant’s growing human rights liabilities around the world.

Giant jellyfish descend on the Sea of Japan, causing untold devastation to coastal villages and leaving a trail of destruction and human misery behind. The massive sea creatures, called Nomura's jellyfish, can grow 6 feet in diameter and weigh more than 450 pounds.

NASA is serious, very serious, about launching the most difficult mission ever attempted by the human race - putting an astronaut on Mars. The voyage will cover hundreds of millions of miles and take two-and-a-half years roundtrip. It sounds like science fiction.