James von Brunn, James von Brunn News Info, James von Brunn dies in custody

James von Brunn, James von Brunn News Info, James von Brunn dies in custody.

http://turbo.inquisitr.com/wp-content/2010/01/james-von-brunn.jpgThe elderly white supremacist who shot and killed a security guard at Washington D.C.’s Holocaust museum this summer has died in a prison hospital.

James von Brunn, 89, was shot in the face during the incident on June 10th. Before von Brunn was struck with a bullet, he shot and killed guard Stephen T. Johns in the attack. Von Brunn was awaiting trial at a federal prison in Butner, North Carolina, where a prison spokeswoman says he died just after 1pm today, EST.

Von Brunn suffered serious injuries falling to the floor after being shot, his lawyer says:

Mr. von Brunn has been a (in) wheelchair. His court-appointed attorney, A.J. Kramer, said late last year the injuries his client suffered when he crumpled to the lobby floor were among his most serious.

Ms. Simmons said Mr. von Brunn had “a long history of poor health,” including sepsis and chronic congestive heart failure.

Von Brunn had posted several hateful things to the internet in the years prior to the attack, with a special focus on white supremacy and anti-semitism. Had he survived, he could have faced the death penalty if convicted.

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