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Jasmina was only 6 years old when she passed away Jan. 27, 2010. Here she is with her beloved kitty Lucky.

In the space of 1 year Jasmina was diagnosed with Leukemia on January 20th, received a mismatched 9/10 marker bone marrow transplant in June, relapsed only to relapse in September of 2009. With the help of supportive transfusions, medicine and more chemo Jasmina attained remission. In October there were no more Leukemic cells in her bone marrow biopsies. By the end of the December they were back.

On New Years Eve Thea, Jasmina's mom, found out her Leukemia had split and had become two different types of Leukemia AML and NK. Less then three weeks later the Leukemia had mutated to AMML which is not treatable in post transplant patients.

Jasmina and Thea

On Monday of this week Jasmina spiked a fever. On Tuesday x-rays confirmed that she had pneumonia in both lungs. In her weakened condition it was just too much for her little body. On Wednesday at 7:55 PM CST Jasmina passed away. Rest in peace little angel :(

Jasmina lived with 3 kinds of Leukemia, shingles, graft vs. host disease, diabetes, posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome and a myriad of conditions and complications caused by the leukemia and the treatments that were saving her life. Through it all she smiled, she laughed, she comforted her mother and enjoyed her life as best as she could. She was easily far more courageous then most of us could ever hope to be in the same circumstance.

It was just a few short weeks ago on December 6th that Jasmina was in the Oval Office of the White House meeting and talking to President Barack Obama thanks to the Make a Wish Foundation. She wanted to talk to the President about helping kids with Leukemia. It was the experience of a life time and in her 6 short years she changed the world. Jasmina helped to raise so much awareness about the need for more people to join the National Marrow Donor Program and received lots of publicity that she put to good use to help spread the word. One of the drives held in her name located a donor for another patient in need. Literally thousands of people joined the registry hoping to help save this precious little girl.

I don't even remember how I found her website but one day last year, shortly after Tami became sick, I stumbled upon it and immediately began checking back, following news articles, even saw new stories about her on tv by chance, and found her online journal where all that she endured and conquered was written down for her many friends and supporters to follow her progress as she fought for her life.

Rest in peace little angel. My thoughts and prayers are with you, your family and friends.