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Joseph Gordon Levitt, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Joseph Biography News. Spike Jonze was not able to join the Wholphin gang at the Silent Movie Theatre. His piece, which was made for Sendak’s 80th birthday, features himself and Catherine Keener doing silent movie-style acting to illustrate Sendak’s memory of attending the World’s Fair. Wholphin No. 9 also includes two other Jonze-helmed “Where the Wild Things Are”-related pieces (not shown at the Silent Movie screening). One is a portrait of Sendak’s self-doubts entitled “The Creature Within,” and the other is an animated director’s statement entitled “Melbourne Years.” Additionally, the DVD liner notes contain an excerpt from a McSweeney’s interview with Jonze and Sendak.

After screening “Acting for the Camera,” director Justin Nowell and writer/brother Thomas Nowell revealed that they only had 6 hours to film their 14 page script, and that they shot using a real acting class as extras. Wholphin editor Brent Hoff praised Nowell, who recently relocated to Los Angeles, for getting such natural performances from his leads.
More so than in “Ferris,” music drives this film and helps create a “with it” tone, thanks to a beginning-to-end soundtrack featuring tunes by Barenaked Ladies, Joan Jett, K-Ci & JoJo, Spiderbait, Air, Sprung Monkey, Letters to Cleo, ATM, Brick, Cameo, George Clinton, Salt-N-Pepa, The S.O.S. Band, The Notorious B.I.G., The Thompson Twins, The Cardigans, Ta-Gana, The Colourfield, Madness, Joan Armatrading, Leroy, Semisonic, Sister Hazel, Jessica Riddle, Richard Gibbs, and (coincidence?) Save Ferris. Location filming adds a lot too, with the castle-like Stadium High School in Tacoma, Washington serving as Padua High.
The December 8th screening began with a mesmerizing underwater robotics piece directed by Wholphin editor Hoff and memorably named “Ptychogastria, Spatulate: Apprehensions Eight and a Half Empire State Buildings Down (a.k.a. A Deep Metaphor for Something I’d Rather Not Talk About).” That piece, along with Jonathan Demme’s portrait of Katrina survivors (“Joe and Linda Flooded Out of Holy Cross”) and Natalie Portman’s writing/directorial debut (“Eve”), will appear on Wholphin No. 10, to be officially released next month.