Mariah Carey Golden Globes Awards 2010 Photos & Pictures

Mariah Carey Golden Globes Awards 2010 Photos & Pictures. Mariah Carey @ 67th Golden Globe Awards 2010 (Photos & Pictures)


Mariah Carey also known as, Subtle, as she was referred to by Ryan Seacrest – was seen on the red carpet for the 2010 Golden Globe Awards tonight, January 17, 2010 wearing a very revealing black gown. Carey was accompanied by her husband Nick Cannon.

Seacrest gave Mariah Carey a hard time from her dress to her too much to drink acceptance speech that has gone viral on YouTube. Carey defended herself by stating they wouldn’t have put the champagne on the table if they didn’t want her to drink it. She also took a moment to plug her own line of champagne and her perfume of course.

Carey is one of the stars of the movie, Precious. Precious was nominated for three golden globe awards.

What do you think of Mariah’s dress?? Leaving a little something to the imagination is not always a bad thing.

Mariah Carey @ 2010 Golden Globes

Golden Globe Awards: Mariah Carey

It was hard to look at Mariah Carey’s face when she was RACKED and on display this year. But just so you all know, I think Lisa Edelstein looked way better in that department. Mariah’s makeup is nice, though she looks a little orange to me.

Mariah Carey @ 2010 Golden Globes