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bon ton, grupos de alimentos, jackie speier, laboratorio de referencia, marcela valladolid Miapolis is the code name for the proposed skyscraper planned for construction on Watson Island in Miami, Florida. The planned height of Miapolis is set at 975 meters (3,200 feet), which means if the Miapolis project gets a green light, it will surpass the recently constructed BurjDubai -- currently, the tallest building in the world at 2,716 feet. Miapolis's developers have unveiled the details of their project on their website this week.

Miapolis, masterminded by
Kobi Karp Architecture, would be a mixed-use, 160-floor building with an amusement park, a trade center, an observatory, rotating sky-lounge, a shopping mall, restaurants, condominiums, a hotel and a marina. Miapolis's height might pose a problem for flights in the skies above Miami. The construction would necessitate the creation of a no-fly zoneover South Beach and the Port of Miami, reports Miami Herald. On top of that, there are concerns about the financial viability and investment potential of the project. According to the developers of Miapolis, the project will provide a major boost to the local economy, including a new 99-year, 28-acre, master land lease for $4 million per year as well a donation of $30 million for full college scholarships and extra $4 million for senior citizen centers.