Mitch Hedberg - Mitch Hedberg News Info

Mitch Hedberg - Mitch Hedberg News Info

A great Comedian Mitch Hedberg well known as Mitchell Lee Hedberg was born in 24th February, 1968 in Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States. He was the son of Mary Hedberg and Arnold. Mitch Hedberg got his graduation degree from “Harding High School” Saint Paul United States. On 25th February, 1999 he got married to a Canadian comedian start Lynn Shawcroft.

Mitch Hedberg started his career in 1989 from southern Florida. Next 2-years proved lucky for him, he worked hard and proved his job sincerity and became popular among the audience.

In 1996 he achieved nationwide exposure in international comedy festival. He performed ten times in most wanted David Latterman comedian show and is considered as the most successful comedian of America. He also worked in radio publications and appeared in “Lords of Dogtown” movie as a comedian star. This movie was released after his death and refreshed his past memories.

Mitch Hedberg work style was totally different compared to other comedians his distinctive method of speech and idiolect took him to the peak of success. His way of object observation, playing with words, mood of presentation on current and past issues, eyes movements and body movements were outstanding. He was expert in Observational, wordy playing and in surreal humor.

Mitch Hedberg was diagnosed as a “drug user” and arrested in Texas in 2003. He also got involved in heroin case. But all these were a part of his personal life. On 30th March, 2005 he was found dead in Livingstone. By birth Mitch Hedberg was a heart patient and this was reported as cause of his death.