Mort Zuckerman Daily News

Mort Zuckerman Daily News. mort zuckerman obama, zuckerman, monica crowley, ny times Boston, MA - Mort Zuckerman today unleashed a torrid critique of President Barack Obama on Obama's utter failings in the 365 Days he has held office.

Zuckerman states that Obama did not address the main issue facing the American People in the first year of his Presidency - the economy. In what seems like a Jimmy Carter Redux, Obama is not focused on solving the problem most affecting the daily lives of most Americans.

Zuckerman continues his indictment of Obama listing such issues as political payoffs, bribery, and personal overexposure - limiting Obama's effectiveness. Zuckerman points out that Obama's policy personnel have been playing from the sideline as his political personnel have been constantly on the playing field.

He points out that a World leader recently voiced concerns that Obama is not strong enough to confront enemies and in turn support United States allies throughout the World.