Mythbusters Death – Mythbusters Death News

Mythbusters Death – Mythbusters Death News. What happened at the Mythbusters show? There was a death incident during the show on December 20. Death was caused by a fall from a building. It was really sad.

The Mythbusters death of Gates occurred on 12/20, the same day actress Brittany Murphy was found dead. Gates’ death was due to a tragic 30-foot fall from the top of the Xirrus Inc building. Reportedly, Gates and his friend were on the roof walking, when Gates fell tragically from the roof. He sustained chest injuries which claimed his life. The reports indicate that Gates, who is an owner of Gateco Electric, was on a job site at the time, and fell through a skylight on the roof. The fall caused blunt force trauma and severe injury to his chest, resulting in his death.

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