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Hot Black Stripper Replaces Obama in PETA’s Raunchy State of the Union Ad

PETA State of the Union Undress
PETA’s State of the Union Undress ad

The creative ad agency who came up PETA’s State of the Union Undress ad, a take-off on Obama’s upcoming State of the Union address using a hot black stripper as Obama in their raunchy ad was, like, awesome, dude! I mean, what a way to get people to think about KFC’s cruelty to animals and get the public to, you know, go vegan.

I doubt we’d of seen this type of ad a year ago when disrespecting Obama was frowned upon. But then again, this is PETA, the well funded vegan whores who’ve never shied away from controversy when trying to get attention.

I actually feel for Obama, and Michelle, who was also used in the ad. So was Congress, who, in the ad, were doing the “wink”, “wink”, nudge, nudge as the black stripper “took it off”.

Peta State of the Union

An snippet of the dialogue from the hot stripper:

“As the healthcare debate rages in Congress, we have urged Americans to take matters into their own hands, (cue leer), with a healthy vegan diet. And for those of you who aretaking matters into your owns hands at this very moment, :wink: , I applaud your dedication.”

Michelle Obama

Was PETA disrespectful to Obama? In one word, yes. PETA, using a black stripper as Obama, while speaking a raunchy dialogue as she strips in front of Congress is a mockery of Obama’s upcoming State of the Union address. And thus, mocks Obama. One has to wonder how well this ad would have been received one year ago?

Speaking of dress, or “undress” the stripper did “take it all off”.

nude black PETA Stripper

PETA State of the Union Undress