Prince Vikings Song, prince minnesota vikings

prince purple and gold, prince, prince minnesota vikings, prince vikings, prince minnesota vikings song There was something endearing about that viral video of Brett Favre singing the "American Idol" tune "Pants on the Ground." It was one of those oddball pop culture moments where two seemingly unrelated worlds — professional football and televised karaoke — collided for the amusement of all.

Brief amusement, that is. As weirdly goofy as Favre's "Pants on the Ground" may have been, I never, ever want to hear it again.

And I feel exactly the same way about Prince's new Vikings song "Purple and Gold."

Inspired by the Vikings' pants-whipping of the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, the Purple One proclaimed he had seen "the future," whipped up "Purple and Gold" and debuted it Thursday night on Fox 9's late newscast. The decidedly unfunky tune doesn't rock, nor does it swing. Instead, it kind of just lumbers along like that musty old fight song your alma mater drags out at homecoming events. Or like a song kids used to sing at 4-H camp. In 1952.

The Prince fan in me desperately wants to believe the Purple One is in on the joke. I mean, he purposely created this quaint, campy tune with the same home-state spirit as scarfing down Pronto Pups at the State Fair or cracking jokes about how they should have called it MinneSNOWta.

That's what you were doing, right Prince? Right?

If nothing else, "Purple and Gold" is one of those classic "what the?" moments in the Prince catalog, like "Batdance" or "Gett Off." After the first spin, you're, like, "I'm

sorry, what?" The second spin makes you giggle. And the third spin makes you sing along. As wracked with shame and anger you may be, the hook gets lodged in your brain on a seemingly endless loop. "Purple and Gold" is like being forced to eat a Snickers bar stuffed with broccoli — it makes you gag, yet you can't stop.

Still, if football teaches us anything, it's that victory only comes through sacrifice. (Does football really teach us that? I don't know, just play along with me here.)