Shu Qi Sex Scandal Video, Shu Qi Scandal Video

Shu Qi Sex Scandal Video, Shu Qi Scandal Video. Leon Lai current girlfriend is a popular fashion show model, Gaile Lok(楽基兒). She adheres to one’s principle of not to relate work with her personal private life and family matter. “So I think the same, I will not probe into her personal life style and respect her work.” said Leon Lai.

Shu Qi accepted reporter’s interview at a spring banquet at Tsim Sha Tsui’s InterContinental Hotel before her name came up in the scandal. When discussed about the scandal of Edison Chen, Shu Qi was also aware of it, she is also worried for their future career progress. She feels the much pressure and discussions are already enough as punishment, she feels that it enough, hopefully everyone will be more forgiving towards them. She also pointed out all those involved, including Edison Chan are also very smart and good artists, hopefully they can return to work soon.

As to the rumors that Edison wanted to commit suicide, Shu Qi expressed everyone will feel the pressure when meeting with obstacles, not what common people can understand, he doesn’t know how to reappear, there must be a reason, hopefully everyone gives him some space.

From all the latest news stories I’m coming across LBH never promised Kwon marriage (or kids, a home and a white picket fence). The two simply met, dated and somewhere the sparks fizzled out. LBH (as with Kwon) had a right to stop the relationship at any given point.

Bottom line: There are no guarantees that dating a person will lead to a life-long commitment. I’m sorry Kwon but that’s just how L-I-F-E works. Maybe a lesson learned from this mess is to hold off having a sexual relationship until your significant other puts a ring on it.
2. Big-face doll
Knew Edison from commercial filming. Rarely appears in sexy image. She is very restrained in the photos and only the guy is “active” all the time. Netizens are guessing it might be Fiona Sit.

3. Idol singer
Has said recently that she has nothing to do with Edison in many interviews, no photos at all. But actually there are. In the photos, she is without make-up and doesn’t have a great body. But she has fair skin but poses are very “stiff”. Netizens are guessing it’s Stephy Tang.

4. Dreamy Girl
Talented female singer who debuted in 2005. Knew another mixed-blood girl in a pub. Her photos are mainly of her, another girl and a guy. Most are close-ups and her photos are apparently the most “hardcore” ones. Netizens are guessing it might be Jill Vidal.

Some might be real and some might be just pure speculation. But in the end, who suffers? The female starlet of course. This could be one of the mind games of the police to “force” female starlets to co-operate with them instead of just shutting their doors and denying any involvement.

On the contrary to what was reported earlier, Candice Chen and Bobo Chan marriage could be back on. Candice apparently has staunch support from her boyfriend and although the banquet is off, the wedding will go on probably in Hong Kong or overseas and they will start a new life overseas as well.

Bobo Chan future hubby has always been supporting her through this tough times. And even her father-in-law has supported Bobo saying he doesn’t mind her past as long as she loves his son and vice versa. The only stumbling block is her mother-in-law who is still seething from this and Bobo would have to win her over to get her wedding back on track.