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Sue Lyon – Sue Lyon Breaking News!. Sue Lyon – Sue Lyon Photo, Picture, Video . Daniel Lyons, the author behind the satirical blog, “The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs,” has been posting out-of-character, as himself since Saturday. He is claiming that in the wake of the “agreed” shutdown of Think Secret, now Apple has contacted him directly with an offer. According to Dan, as soon as he posted about that, Apple threatened to sue.

British actress Sienna Miller’s life has been made intolerable because of a “campaign of harassment” by photographers, her lawyer told London’s High Court on Thursday. Miller, 26, star of movies such as “Alfie” and “Layer Cake,” is taking legal action against photographic agency Big Pictures (UK) Limited and its founder, Darryn Lyons.

Directed by John Huston Starring Richard Burton, Ava Gardner, Deborah Kerr, Sue Lyon