Tennessee Football Players Arrested (Video)

Tennessee Football Players Arrested (Video). Three Tennessee football players arrested for attempted armed robbery are making headlines today. All three football players were arrested early this morning in Knoxville, Tennessee.

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Janzen Jackson, Nu’Keese Richardson, and Mike Edwards were all taken in on suspicion of attempted armed robbery. Jackson and Richardson are considered the crème of the crop of this years recruiting class.

Here’s how it allegedly went down: The victims were sitting in their car at a convenience store when a black male approached them wearing a hoodie. In his hand he appeared to have a gun, he then opened the driver’s side door and said “Give me everything you have.” That’s when another man approached the passenger side and made the same demand. The victims showed them they had no money, at which point the men left in a Toyota Prius.

Later on, a Prius was pulled over with the three football players and a woman inside. They were found to have two hoodies and a pellet gun in their possession. The woman also had a marijuana grinder and what police believe was a bag of marijuana. The victims made a positive ID on the two men who initially approached them. All four were arrested and charged in relation to the incident.

If they are found guilty and they were the men involved I’m not really surprised. Tennessee players have had their share of trouble with the law. Back in 2006 three players were arrested after an altercation at a nightclub. Prior to that, eight players were arrested in 2005.

Why would you do something so stupid? Most of the time college players put all of their eggs in one basket, and try to work toward making it into the NFL. Let’s face it, not a lot of them are majoring in mechanical engineering if you know what I mean.

What do you think about the allegations?

Check out a video about the three Tennessee football players arrested below.