venus williams commando, Commando or No in Venus Williams Underwear Debate

venus williams commando, Commando or No in Venus Williams Underwear Debate. There seems to a running debate on the Internet (with photos) about whether or not Venus Williams was actually wearing underwear when she was volleying at the Australian Open on Tuesday. Why this would seem to be of concern to people is anyone's guess. Even

if she weren't, it is doubtful Venus Williams distracted her opponent, although one never knows about those things definitively... Still, trying to keep them honest (as Anderson Cooper would say), one couldn't help but take a peek at a few photos to see what all the furor was over.

It seemed to be all over a tight goldfinch yellow tennis dress and the fact that when the skirt flew up or
Venus Williamsbent over too far, a greater portion of her derriere was exposed to the Australian Open (and the rest of the world watching on television, if they were paying attention). But photos published in the Huffington Post (photos from Getty Images) seem to indicate that Venus may not have been going "commando" in Australia. A couple of telltale black strings at the top of her right thigh and what looks like an elastic band high on her left leg seem to indicate that she may have actually had underwear on. With all that back end showing, it might be safe to say she had on a black thong.

But since this investigator is extremely myopic, results cannot be presented as incontrovertible proof. Still...

Alright. Case solved. Tennis anyone?

Venus Williams took on Lucie Safarova in the second round of the Australian Open and defeated her in straight sets, 6-2, 6-2. After the match, she told reporters, "I love playing," she said. "I want to win each tournament I play. I want to win the majors, play doubles and be in the Olympics."

Apparently she isn't all that interested in
Hustler magazine. But that hasn't stopped several Web sites from displaying her bare tush to the world (well, okay, technically she did it; these sites are only displaying photos of her displaying) and promoting the pics as if she weren't wearing underwear.

It is all about the presentation...