What Is Casino Kingdom, About Casino Kingdom

What Is Casino Kingdom, About Casino Kingdom. The CityCenter Casino
The $8.5 billion CityCenter Casino sports some 4,004 rooms, 21st century architecture and sheer entertainment galore in restaurants, bars, clubs, stores, fountains and the like. The news of the grand opening had no effect on the share price of MGM Mirage on the NYSE.

Many folks are upbeat about the employment prospects that this mega-gambling kingdom is going to provide. And during a particularly difficult spell economically, this may well prove the tonic that the industry needs for a kick start.
Job Opportunities
At a time when Las Vegas is trying desperately to fight off the recession, the owners of CityCenter Casino – MGM Mirage and Dubai World – are buoyed by their latest creation. With some 12,000 employees involved in the mega-resort, the operation is helping to keep tens of thousands more people employed and happy.