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Andy Mckenna | Andy Mckenna governor, jim ryan kirk dillard, adam andrzejewski, dan proft Andy McKenna And Kirk Dillard LIVE VIDEO Down To The Wire LIVE VIDEO Illinois Governor Election Results Race
UPDATE: 9:31 PM VIRTUAL TIE with 73% of Precincts Reporting McKenna 21% to Dillard 20%
TOTAL VOTES 97,000 to 92,000



The lead has slimmed for Andy McKenna in the Republican Governor Primary over his challenger Kirk Dillard.

With 43% of precincts reporting McKenna's earlier 4 point lead has been reduced to 3 points 23% to 20%.

Also, Alexi Giannoulias' lead has dropped to a small margin of 37% to 34% over David Hoffman in the Democratic Senate Election Primary with 44% of Precincts Reporting.